“Za Bulgarite” TEAM


The people participating in the “Za Bulgarite” project are strongly motivated to create a positive image of Bulgaria around the globe by spreading the Bulgarian culture, by supporting Bulgarian schools and churches abroad, by developing and keeping various contacts and exchanging useful, up to date and accurate information. 

The door of the project is widely opened for anyone who wants to see the Bulgarians living abroad through a different angle – their own.  Anyone who is willing to search and find useful information and then share it with others is more than welcome onboard. 

In order to be able to provide up to date, useful and accurate information, the team of “Za Bulgarite” has emissaries in each individual country. Those emissaries are people, who are living in different parts of the world and who are sharing their experience; people who are looking for useful and important information, who are willing to provide help and advice if needed and who ensure that the process of exchanging information is conducted on a timely manner and involve two-way communications. 

Anyone who wants to become part of the team is more than welcome. However, we should highlight that there is a tall hierarchy in relation to the functions and clear division of the responsibilities and tasks, so one should consider their ability and willingness to join and participate in the team. 

As you may have already noticed, My Web Site Za Bulgarite is published in several languages. The reason being that, in fact, that within the team, the project has participants who do not speak the Bulgarian language, but who are considered as vital contributors to our work. They are providing us with important information from the source related to traditions and cultures that differ from Bulgaria. In addition, through their critical point of view, we are trying to maintain a real, multilingual, multicultural and multiethnic environment for our work. We all want to extend our gratitude to them and  highly appreciate their contributions to the project. 

Even though they share the same interent website, the idea of our own E- Edition is relatively stand alone. That is why the team of “Za Bulgarite” is different from the authors who are publishing in the E- Edition section. If you would like to learn more about the authors or publish your own material, visit us at http://www.zabulgarite.com/en/edition s or simply click here.


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