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Balkan Traffic Festival in Brussels

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Кратък разказ за българското хоро в събота през очите на един чужденец. How a foreigner saw the Bulgarian horo dance in Brussels.

The most beautiful square in Europe hosted the annual Balkan Traffic Festival this past weekend in Brussels. The event was held over several days and included film screenings, ring dances, and a large barbeque featuring traditional cuisine.

On Saturday, the EU Commissioner, Kristalina Georieva, ceremoniously led the first dance at the Grand-Place as she began a horo (traditional Bulgarian dance). The horo led hundreds of people, hand in hand, throughout the square as a group set the rhythms by playing their bagpipes and drums. The event was lively and even people not from the celebrating regions were invited to participate to learn a new dance. Everyone involved with the event was colorfully dressed in traditional clothing that included a lot of flowers and eloquent embroidery. 

Overall, the atmosphere was jovial and light hearted as the colorful sounds and dances flooded the famous square. The festival proved to be a fun way to spend the weekend in Brussels.


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