THE IDEA behind “Za Bulgarite”


The idea 

The “Za Bulgarite” project is a dream that became reality, the aim of which is to offer a well– developed and working platform for new contacts and exchange of useful information amongst all Bulgarians around the world. By creating our own Bulgaria abroad, all those Bulgarians who are away from home are offered an opportunity to feel closer, not only to their roots and origin, but also to all their dear friends outside of Bulgaria.


Much more than a website

“Za Bulgarite” is much more than an online portal; it is a vision for creating a real community for all Bulgarians living abroad for one reason or another. The door of “Za Bulgarirte” is widely opened, also welcoming those who are not nostalgic for their home, but who enjoy or even prefer their life abroad rather than living in Bulgaria. But at the end of the day we should not forget that all of us, regardless of where we are, will remain Bulgarians.


A real community for all Bulgarians living abroad

The project “Za Bulgarite” attempts to be a part of the everyday life of all Bulgarians living abroad, but not only as a source of information through its website. “Za Bulgarite” also aims to gain the trust of Bulgarians living abroad and to become the center of a truly unified Bulgarian community – one Bulgaria beyond boundaries, regardless of any national borders. And if someone considers that the problems and interests of the Bulgarians living in Germany are different from those of Bulgarians in Italy, for example, this someone is probably right. “Za Bulgarite,” however, strongly believes that all of us, wherever we are, will remain Bulgarians. That’s why our team is convinced that it is possible to bring together all Bulgarians living abroad.


Something more about the “Za Bulgarite” website:

The “Za Bulgarite” community is undertaking the difficult task of providing timely and useful information through its website for various questions related to the life of all Bulgarians living abroad. The portal is named My Web Site Za Bulgarite with the ambition that everyone can call it their own, and contains information divided into two main sections: “Countries” and “Our Bulgaria Abroad.”

The “Countries” section is organized in such a way as to resemble and simulate the process of moving or travelling from one country to another. For this reason, the first thing you will find in the country of your interest is general information about that country.  

Second, the “News” section found in the menu is a place for gathering new and fast-changing information. In relation to this section, the Za Bulgarite team is specifically aiming not to copy news from other sources, to publish information that is as up to date as possible and, last but not least, to provide analysis on interesting topics in relation to current and interesting issues. And do not forget that all of that information is organized around each country, so you as a user can easily access the information that is of need and interest to you.

After you have familiarized yourself with the general information and the news for each country, most probably you would like to find out which are the most important links from and to this same country. If this is the case, you can have a look at the section LINKS. In this section we have selected and organized information by category relating to links with different governmental and local authorities and institutions, companies and a variety of other useful contacts. But it is important to know that complete information for each contact and any additional services you look for may only be found in the section Our Bulgaria Abroad.

However, before you start going through the products the Bulgarian shop next door is offering or choosing a delicious menu form the Bulgarian restaurant, which happens to be in the neighborhood, it might be a better optino to look at the articles in the “WELCOME” section. Almost everyone has had the experience of arriving in a new, foreign country without knowing the local culture, traditions, rules and regulations. That’s why you should spend some time and read the material published in this section.

In addition to everything mentioned so far, we, the team of Za Bulgarite, will make every effort to provide you, the users, with all kinds of useful, confirmed, up to date and most important conveniently organized information related to life in the country you are living in. Just have a look at the “USEFUL INFO” section and you’re sure to find all you need.

The ”Za Bulgaritre” team is comprised of emissaries placed in each country who are able to provide information direct from the source – events, promotions, advice and much more. Since wherever we are, we are still true Bulgarians, we will not miss the chance to offer you one of a kind service, a true product of “Za Bulgarite” – the unique section: “IT’S A BARGAIN!” If you do not want to miss your “bargain”, do not forget to check this section regularly.  You have nothing to lose, but can only gain some valuable advice!

Also don’t miss the sections for Classified Ads and Events! There you can find exactly the things you need for Your Bulgaria Abroad.

In the Our Bulgaria Abroad section we have carefully presented all of the Bulgarian organizations abroad. Here you can find information about the Bulgarian embassies and representative offices; for all the clubs, unions and networks of the Bulgarians abroad; as well as Bulgarian schools and churches. You can also find information about Bulgarian shops and restaurants around the globe, as we all know that the delicious Bulgarian food is always welcomed. We also want to draw your attention to something rather important – the section Our Bulgaria Abroad should not be considered just as a business card for some Bulgarian organizations. It is actually a place where those same organizations are living part from their life online. It is in this section that you can find messages form Bulgarian organizations abroad, news, promotions, even menus of restaurants, events and invitations for nice occasions.

If for some reason, you did not find the information you were looking for, you can always contact us and we will do our best to help you. To contact the “Za Bulgarite” team, simply click here.


Meeting point for all Bulgarians – in or outside Bulgaria

Although our attempt is to create a common place for all Bulgarians around the world, the information we are providing, the connections we are offering, the events we are supporting, and the culture we are trying to promote are valid and important for all Bulgarians. My Web Site Za Bulgarite may turn out to be useful guide not only for the people who are permanently living in foreign countries, but also for all our friends in Bulgaria, who are just going to travel abroad.


The Team of “Za Bulgarite”

The roots of the “Za Bulgarite” project are the ideas of people who will always consider Bulgaria to be their home and that Bulgarians, although far from their home country, should keep in contact with each other, to be proud of their origin and not to forget it, and to help for creating and maintaining the good image of Bulgaria around the world. That is why the “Za Bulgarite” team is always open to new members. Read more about the team, think about it and if the idea of becoming part of our family is of interest to you, see all the rules here and welcome on board.


The E-Edition of “Za Bulgarite”

My Web Site Za Bulgarite contains in itself one more stand-alone and major initiative – its own E- Edition forscientific, travel and outdoor literature, essays, journals, reviews and much more. Everything about this initiative can be found in the E- Edition section of the site on the following address or by clicking here.                               





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