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Brasserie Ploegmans Brussels

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Have you tried traditional Belgian food? If not, probably now is the best time - just visit Brasserie Ploegmans in Brussels.

ZaBulgarite.com would like to welcome our new team member - Tom. We are pretty sure that he will be sharing with us many interesting articles. And we can't help visiting this nice restaurant in Brussels as soon as possible. 

Brasserie Ploegmans serves up some of the best traditional Belgian cuisine for lunch and dinner.  You are given the option of three different menus depending on price (20, 25, and 30 euros each).  For each menu you choose, you have one or two options for your entrée, plate, and dessert.  All of which will usually have traditional meats and sauces.  If you are not interested in ordering from one the three set menus, there is still a long list of items the kitchen can prepare to better suit your desires that night.  

The large kitchen and oven cradles the seating area offering a warm and cozy environment during the winter months.  We recommend the croquettes and the waterzooi for the winter, as they were both delicious and warm your insides. 

The wine menu is strictly French and the restaurant provides its list by the region of France the wine came from.  I do not recall them having a beer menu, but our companions somehow ended up with Belgian beers during our dinner, so I know they at least offer some.  

Reservations are not always necessary as this is strictly a local’s restaurant. The owner is constantly moving from table to table shaking hands, pouring a drink with friends, and bantering with an occasional passer-by on the street.  He makes you feel at home and may even try to encourage some friendly teasing. 

Contact details:

Brasserie Ploegmans
Rue Haute 148
1000 Bruxelles

Прочетена 3444 пъти

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